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Tulsa Roofing RepairWhy Soffits and Fascias Are Important

An exterior soffit is located on the span beneath the rafter tails, while the fascia is the exposed horizontal band you see at the end of the rafters. These architectural elements found along the eave area do more than just add visual interest and give a finished look to your home. They help protect the exterior of your house by keeping out pests like bats, birds, and squirrels, and give you a way to disguise ventilation for your attic.

While soffits and fascia are traditionally constructed from materials like aluminum and wood, many homeowners are now choosing ones made from synthetic and composite materials like UPVC and vinyl because they offer easy maintenance and durability. Vinyl soffits (some are beaded or smooth, while others offer the look of wood grain), and vinyl fascia and trim products come in different styles to complement the architecture and look of your home. There are also products available made from recycled materials, for those who want an eco-friendly alternative.

Making sure your soffit and fascia are installed correctly and properly waterproofed is the best way to prevent problems down the road. Damaged flashing or gutters that do not function properly can also create issues. This will lead to a greater need for Broken Arrow residential roof repair services.


Roofers in Broken Arrow, OK | Blacksmith RoofingWhat Causes Soffit And Fascia Damage?

The most common causes of soffit and fascia damage are water and sun exposure. And in Broken Arrow, we get plenty of both!

Being exposed to these elements for long periods, soffit and fascia boards may end up with wet or dry rot. Over time, these boards may crumble as well. If you have vinyl soffits, they may sustain cracks due to physical damage or freeze/thaw cycles.


What Should You Look For?

Rotten or deteriorating fascia is easy to locate, even from the ground.  Keep an eye out for stains, peeling paint, crumbling wood, and loose, sagging gutters. Damaged wood crumbles easily and may even appear to be falling down. If your fascia is covered by aluminum or vinyl siding, you may wish to call Blacksmith Roofing to periodically check its condition. Because the siding covers any rotting wood, you may not know it is decaying until the erosion is advanced.


Roofers in Owasso, OK | Blacksmith Roofing & ConstructionTips To Keep In Mind

  • If you discover mildew or mold on your soffit, use a soft brush or broom and a cleaning solution made with bleach and water to clean it.
  • Periodically check for bee, hornet, or wasp nests. If you are not comfortable working on a ladder or the nests are extensive, call a professional to remove the nests.
  • Having your soffits and fascia properly installed, repaired, or replaced can save you a lot of trouble down the line, so it is important to hire a capable contractor like Blacksmith Roofing to do this for you.


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