One Broken Arrow Roofing Company Went Above And Beyond After Severe Weather Struck [Case Study]

Storm in Oklahoma. Tulsa Roof RepairMost of us have experienced the damage severe weather can do. Many times the roof of our home takes the bulk of the damage. That was the case for the Oswalds after a strong spring storm rolled through Broken Arrow.

The Oswalds have lived in Broken Arrow for many years. They were originally drawn to the area because of the community, the convenience, and the schools. They have loved just about every moment of their time in our community. But they don’t enjoy the weather.

Spring in Broken Arrow can bring devastatingly severe weather to our area. We have experienced hail the size of golf balls, lightning strikes that have burned down homes, and tornadoes that have leveled everything in their path.

Spring Storm Damage in Broken Arrow

One spring day, the Oswalds and Broken Arrow experienced one of those storms. Hail rained down on the city causing severe damage to many businesses, homes, and cars. The Oswalds were exceptionally unlucky that day. Their home was hit with large hail that did quite a bit of damage to their roof.

Thankfully, Mark Oswald knew he needed to have his roof inspected immediately. So he called. Blacksmith Roofing because they have a great reputation in the Broken Arrow community.

The Oswald Family partnered with Blacksmith Roofing for storm damage repairThe inspector from Blacksmith Roofing checked the roof, outside and in, and confirmed what Mark was worried about. The hail had caused severe damage to the shingles and to the sheathing under the shingles.

The Oswalds needed a new roof.

With more rain in the forecast, and the Oswalds having to wait for insurance, Blacksmith Roofing tarped their roof free of charge to ensure that their home didn’t receive any more damage from the coming weather.

Once the insurance company gave the green light and sent the check, Blacksmith Roofing went to work on the Oswald’s roof.

…the damage was unimagineable, we hadn’t experenced storm damage of that magnitude before in Broken Arrow. Thank God for Blacksmith Roofing!

Their crew worked quickly to get the old shingles and damaged sheathing off the roof. They replaced the damaged sheathing and added all new shingles to the home.

A Residential Relief In Sight

In just a few days, the Oswalds had a brand new roof, complete with a 50-year non-prorated warranty, thanks to the entire team at Blacksmith Roofing.

Mark was amazed at how easy the Blacksmith Roofing team made the whole ordeal. The crew was polite, friendly, and respectful of the Oswald family throughout the construction. And he was floored by Blacksmith Roofing going above and beyond by tarping off his roof for them until the work was ready to begin.

Blacksmith Roofing gained a customer for life that day and they were happy to help a neighbor in need.